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I offer speaker coaching as an aspect of transformational coaching.

I found Justine’s work transformational. Her capacity to hear what is needed (and not needed) is exceptional. Justine offers deep insights that help open up the talk and give it life. I have worked with a great number of speaking coaches and I can honestly say that Justine is the most exceptional coach I’ve experienced.

Shauna Shapiro, Ph.D.

Professor, Santa Clara University; Author, TEDx Speaker, Mindfulness Consultant

I was a part time voice actor at Stars in San Francisco and at DPN in Los Angeles for many years and know that being your natural self and owning your voice sometimes really does just mean getting out of your own way

Probing the right questions can be very helpful.

  • Why are you saying what you are saying?
  • Whom are you really speaking to?
  • Why is your message important? What exactly is it?
  • What is your blind spot?


  • Connect with Yourself 
  • Connect with your audience 
  • Speak so that  you are actually heard

We are looking for the key to unlock the places inside that are holding us back. 

As a professional public speaking coach, I offer an individual-based communication strategy. The aim is to be the authentic you, comfortable in your skin, with a specific goal and a clear map of how to accomplish that.

The idea is not to act like someone else but to have a deeper understanding of what it is to embody yourself. Sometimes just a shift in stance, articulation, and body movements can change the whole game. And sometimes it is a question of deeper investigation, for example: What is the Inner Saboteur up to?

I find it tremendously exciting to see tangible levels of transformation occur in a short space of time, and to see how liberating it can be to speak our truth effectively.


I am so incredibly grateful to have been able to work with Justine, who helped me shape and deliver my latest TEDx talk on the science of healing interconnection. Justine not only had the deep knowledge and experiential base to understand the topic and the delicacy and strength needed to address controversies surrounding my subject area, but she felt into who I was personally and encouraged me to stand in my authenticity while helping me practically shape and hone my delivery for a talk whose subject matter was deeply important for me and the field that I represent. She was incredibly generous with her time and energy and provided practical guidance that really aided me in focusing the talk, as well as provided extremely helpful feedback and coaching on delivery. I couldn’t think of a more perfect speaker coach to work with and give her my highest recommendation.

Dr. Shamini Jain

Author, Healing Ourselves: Biofield Science and the Future of Health; CEO, Consciousness and Healing Initiative

Justine works with laser precision to identify the essence of your talk, facilitates the most impactful delivery and helps you to discover obstacles that could be getting in the way of either. Her understanding of human character is epic and her particular magic lies in helping you to connect to your biggest and best self. Justine is a treasure and a keeper and I consider myself beyond lucky to be able to work with her.

Kristin Kaye

Author and Playwright

Justine showed up in my life as I was struggling to find the structure and thematic thread for my upcoming TEDx Talk. She very quickly understood what I was trying to say, and helped me not only dive straight in, speaking it, to help me develop visceral trust in my voice and wisdom to shine through, she also helped me see how to connect the parts with structure and weave a compelling story. I highly recommend Justine for her gentle yet sharp ability to intuit and guide you towards the essence and through line of your project, and jump start your courage to just dive in and learn by doing it…

Lone Morch

Photographer, Storyteller, Speaker, Adventuress

I am a visual artist and spend most of my day behind a canvas, in silence. Speech is not my strength. I show my artwork at DZINE gallery. I had been asked to speak about my art process for the event Artists in Conversation and to also speak about how I felt showing in their gallery space. I was told that this talk was to be filmed. I was very nervous to speak in public so I turned to Justine. In our first meeting, as soon as I arrived she had me begin. Within two short sessions I felt I understood the language of public speaking. She helped me with my physical presence and movement. She helped me develop my speaking voice. I highly recommend Justine. She is brilliant and made the process fun and light-hearted.

Melissa Parhm

Visual Artist

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