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The desire to know your own soul will end all other desires - Rumi

To work with Justine is to work with source. Justine has an almost mystical ability to see into your soul, connect there, and with a firm hand, guide you back to the divine. That place of presence and feeling, of abundance and being.

Adam DeVito

CEO, Monj Health Inc.

The point of transformational coaching is not to fix yourself but to shift your relationship with yourself so that you are not trapped in never ending patterns, but accessing your potential and thriving. As an in-person and online transformation coach, I pull on an amalgamation of transformational healing practices, depending on what issues are at stake. I will work with you to uncover the deeper seated, often hidden patterns that are at play and help you to shift out of them.

I increasingly use the wisdom of the enneagram as a starting point, because it is such a great map to interior freedom and offers insights that are piercingly relevant and compelling –a transformation facilitator. One path really does not fit all and what I particularly love about the enneagram is that it provides 9 different maps for different personality types. This multi perspective framework is a tool that propels us toward deeper living, and a vehicle that helps us embrace the full spectrum of human experience.

If you have felt ‘O no, here I am again?’ once too often, this type of coaching will help you to gain an understanding of what creates both inner and outer struggles, and discover alternatives for meeting your life’s challenges . It will help you:

  • Crunch old patterns and traps in your psyche and enable you to instead access your unique brilliance.
  • Interact more easily and effectively with other people.
  • Move out of survival mode and into thriving –out of default mode and into design.
  • Building on our innate capacity to access our deeper source of guidance.


Constellations work directly with the family’s unconscious system to help us dissolve the blocks that can come from painful events in a family’s past, but often weigh upon present members like milestones. The problems you experience today may not be created by you but passed down through family lines. Constellations can tell us a lot about the hidden architecture of human relationships, revealing the truth behind current conditions, and can be used to accelerate the resolution of resistant problems.

I frequently use the Home Altar Constellation method created by Michael Reddy that shamanically uses objects rather than human representatives. It’s a simple tool that you can use in the privacy of your own home, that is phenomenal for clearing hidden trauma, unexpressed emotion, and negativity stuck in the family field. With this modality you explore the current issues in your life and focus in on a specific intention.

Through Zoom or in person we set up an altar in your home, on a small table or perhaps a shelf that won’t be disturbed, over the duration of 3 sessions. We will actively work with objects representing the people relevant to the issue at hand, shifting the energetics by pinpointing areas of disconnection and disharmony that are affecting the constellation. It’s a simple but incredibly powerful modality to engage with, for as the constellation shifts, insights will be revealed, and change will follow.


Walking in Your Shoes is often described as a sister modality to Family Constellation. It’s a dynamic way of representing a person or an issue, a body-based intuitive technique in which the walker empathically tunes into the wisdom of the body and describes in detail, both physically and verbally, the insights received in regard to any particular issue relevant to the client.

These insights can really cut through to the heart of the matter and be stunningly clarifying. It is a fast and powerful way to receive insight into anything or anyone in your life as well as share insights for others.

Transformational life coaching sessions with me are usually approximately an hour and a half long through Zoom or in person.

Justine's gaze, her attention, is transformational unto itself. Add her experience, her sensitivity, her education, background and breadth of knowledge and you have a unique individual with the power to transform your entire reality. Do not miss an opportunity to work with her!

Justine is that rare combination of brilliant and insightful mind with kindness and passion. Conversations with her are never transactional, nor clinical, but always a deep dive that catalyzes reflection and revelation.

Katy Morikawa
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